n. habitual repetition of others' actions.

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  • Echopraxia — is the involuntary repetition or imitation of the observed movements of another. Even though it is considered a tic, it is a behaviour characteristic of some people with autism, Tourette syndrome, Ganser syndrome, schizophrenia (especially… …   Wikipedia

  • echopraxia — 1904, from Gk. ekho (see ECHO (Cf. echo)) + praxis action (see PRAXIS (Cf. praxis)) …   Etymology dictionary

  • echopraxia — echopractic /ek oh prak tik/, adj. /ek oh prak see euh/, n. Psychiatry. the abnormal repetition of the actions of another person. [1900 05; < NL; see ECHO, PRAXIS, IA] * * * …   Universalium

  • echopraxia — noun The involuntary repetition or imitation of the observed movements of another. See Also: echolalia …   Wiktionary

  • echopraxia — Involuntary imitation of movements made by another. See echopathy. SYN: echomotism. [echo + G. praxis, action] * * * echo·prax·ia .ek ō prak sē ə n pathological repetition of the actions of other people as if echoing them * * * n. pathological… …   Medical dictionary

  • echopraxia — n. mental illness characterized by the repetition of actions performed by others …   English contemporary dictionary

  • echopraxia — echo·prax·ia …   English syllables

  • echopraxia — echokinesis; n. pathological imitation of the actions of another person. It may be a symptom of catatonia or of latah …   The new mediacal dictionary

  • echopraxia — The act of imitating others for no reason …   Grandiloquent dictionary

  • echopraxia — /ɛkoʊˈpræksiə/ (say ekoh prakseeuh) noun an immediate, involuntary, and senseless repetition of the movements of others, occurring in some types of mental derangement. Also, echopraxis /ɛkoʊˈpræksəs/ (say ekoh praksuhs). {New Latin; see echo1,… …  

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